Your Story, Documenting the Positive

April 23, 2019

It doesn’t matter where you are… in the first chapter, somewhere in the middle, wrapping it all up, or your stuck determining the forward. This is your story and you get a say how it goes, what people will read, and hopefully the impression that it makes. Sometimes finding the positive is a daily challenge but the importance of counterbalancing the bad with the good makes it worth the work. Let’s find a way to change your focus so that the positive aspects are too hard to overlook.

Why is the bad stuff so much easier to recall? You are having a great day, things are going your way when you hit a snag, something challenging that doesn’t go your way and BAM - you’ve had a horrible day! What happened to all the positive things? Trumped by the negative and lost forever?

If it’s all our perspective then what do we do when things actually happen that stop us in our tracks?  Well first we have to realize ..stopping us in our tracks is temporary. It gives us time to pause and yes, react but not camp out. Something happens...take note. How serious is this? Life changing, costly, troublesome, a pain to deal with or what? Then match your reaction accordingly. We all know that person and it could be you, who is having a complete meltdown and when you finally get to the root of the tantrum, it really should only be a 3 on the freakout scale.  Remember, your reaction affects your long-term health and does nothing to solve the problem.

Try limiting your reaction time. Stop yourself and say “enough” and next ask yourself “what will I do next?” Notice the questions isn’t “What am I going to do now?” WILL insinuates action. This will force you into problem-solving mode and help you move on.

After you’ve moved the issue to the side, take stock of your day thus far. What are all the positive experiences and places you could find gratitude? Add details to those events and really spend some time shaping the pictures in your mind. This mini celebration will give you a nice boost of joy and happy chemicals.

Consider journaling or adding these experiences to a calendar.  Don’t paraphrase here, when you look back on these memories, you will want to read them in great detail.

CHALLENGE: Don’t let a negative event stop you from seeing all the positive in your life. Limit your reaction, quantify the challenge and celebrate the wins. Document the positive to create a healthy legacy you can easily recall and share with others.


I know YOU can do it!