When is Enough, Enough?

March 4, 2019

When do you ask for help?  When do you give over power and realize YOU can’t do it all….successfully? How many attempts do you make? How many failures do you have? Why is it so hard to admit defeat? We are going to be looking at these questions from two different angles. When have you had enough and are ready to make a change and when do you have enough and realize you still aren’t happy?

Webster says Enough is Enough is used to say that one wants something to stop because one can no longer accept or deal with it.  

You don’t have to be at rock bottom and completely depleted to recognize a need for change. You just have to know your limits. Let’s take a moment and check your limits.

Are you at your wits in because life is overwhelming and you aren’t sure who you are anymore?  Brace yourself before you hit the bottom and start saying NO. There is a gentle art to saying no and it starts with valuing your own time and resources more than you want to please others. Instead of giving your default answer to YES or adopting the mantra “I’m always here for you no matter WHAT…” start asking yourself some pre-qualifying questions. Do I really have the time? What would I be eliminating by taking on another task? Do I have everything I need to be able to give to someone else? Stop apologizing for not being able to save the world. It is not your job or your cape.

Are you tired of being tired, sad, or unhappy? Before you throw in the towel start getting to the root of the problem. Junk can come at us from all directions. It leaves its mark and its residue and before you know it, you’re buried. It’s hard to detect one issue from the next and it just feels painfully heavy. You’re stuck. Are you ready to smile? Then reach out a hand and pull yourself up. Enough is Enough - you will have to make the first move and you may have to leave old ideas and unhealthy patterns in the dust. It’s time to take responsibility, make peace, and decide today that you’ve had enough and YOU deserve better.

Are you bored and unfulfilled? Before you turn into a statue unable to move, break through your limiting beliefs and trying something you’ve never done. Life is so short and the opportunity to experience new things is endless. If you are afraid you won’t like IT or be good at IT then you are preventing yourself from learning, growing, and the possibilities of joy. Remember when you were a child, what were some of your interests? This was before life told you “no everything is possible” you believed you could do anything. Tap back into her. What would she want to do today? Pick something, private or public and go for it!

CHALLENGE: So I challenge you to give in, stop pushing in the opposite direction. Stop yourself well before the bottom and ask yourself, why. Embrace change and most importantly love, laugh, and live!

I know YOU can do it!