What More Can I Do?

June 18, 2019

What More Can I Do?

We are going to look at this simple question in 4 ways. As a plea, as a frustration, as self-reflection, and as an exploration. My goal with this show is to constantly evolve, challenge, and question life’s perceptions. You can live a different life just by looking through a different lens. Open your mind and push your perception and adopt a positive alternative to life’s little challenges. That is Encouragementology - the practice of instilling hope

So…...What more can I do? How do you hear that question? Are you throwing up your hands pleading with your maker…..What more can I do? Are you wanting an answer, some validation, or a task list? You really can look at this question in so many different ways.

Maybe you are stuck - uninspired, wanting to feel something profound and be a part of something meaningful.

Maybe your tone is one of exhaustion….What more can I do? Are you done, spent, ready to take a step back feeling like you’ve exhausted all your efforts? Before you reach this point or maybe you are there and I’m urging you to back peddle but it’s time to realize…..you can’t save the world. I’m sorry to break this to you if this is the first time you’ve heard it...but you can’t. You do not possess the power to save the world.

Maybe you are searching your own soul asking “what more can I do”  not happy with where you are emotionally or spiritually. May you are questioning your own self-concept and power.

Are you just existing in the world today not really knowing how you fit into it all? Have you bought into all the limiting beliefs that you’ve picked up through your life to define who you are? Or….are you ready to get to know the real you?

We are on a roll here….don’t stop now. You looked inside to get to know yourself - let’s keep exploring by introducing and organizing the experiences on the outside.  I want to experience more - more excitement, more peace, more joy, …..what more can I do?

First….try getting organized - Look at your month to see how you can consolidate, more items around, create more time for yourself. Start delegating - no need to be a hero. All good managers delegate responsibilities and you want to be a good manager of your life, delegate!

Stimulate your brain - Are you challenging yourself  - learning something new or are you stuck in a routine of mindless information? Just like you don’t want to feed your hunger with empty calories you don’t babysit your boredom with senseless information. your mind is craving something new.

Socialize - You don’t need to have a big group of friends to socialize. Consider a date with someone you would like to get to know better. Maybe some at work - the new guy or a person you were just introduced with.

Give - Give a compliment, give encouraging advice, give of your time, give of your resources. It’s not just saying your Mom used to keep you in line - it actually is better to give than to receive.

CHALLENGE: explore your interpretation of questions like, what more can I do? Look for other meanings and a chance to actually do more. Reward yourself with new experiences, new connections, and the freedom or letting old routines that no longer serve you...go. Step outside of the same old same old and adopt some of these ideas - change it up - you deserve MORE!


I know YOU can do it!

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