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July 20, 2021



On this show...we are reaching for the stars, recognizing our power, and formulating a plan because the steps are achievable. Our new mantra? #wantmore #domore #bemore. It might actually sound too simple but isn’t that always the case; overcomplicating something so easy or missing what’s right in front of us by being stuck behind the shoulda, coulda, wouldas? Not today. We are going to break it down and work it forward and backward because the concept is the same no matter how you slice and dice it. You have the power and you’ve had it all along. Unless you are aware of a long line handing out personal power, you’re gonna have to seize it. That’s right, YOU have to want more, be willing to do more, to actually be more.

This idea came to me one morning, even the hashtags. I don’t know about you but I do my best brainstorming in the morning - usually in the shower. Come on, I know I’m not alone on that. As a life coach, my job is to take the overwhelming and make it simple to understand, easy to digest, offering a straightforward approach to moving forward. I’m well suited for that job because my mind works that way anyway. First, I’m a problem solver. Now that sounds like a resume cliche like; team player but it’s true. The main reason my mind goes into problem-solving mode quickly is that I don’t like being distressed. Really, it’s that simple. 

Even a positive person who lets most things roll off her back has trials so let’s get that straight. I get down and yes even sometimes moody but I don’t stay there long. This sounds weird but my first thought is always….Is this going to kill me? The next thought….is someone in my family in harm's way?  If not, then I have time to figure things out. I only panic if I’m late or if I’ve let someone down. Other than that I approach most things with a level head. Next, I try to gauge what I can control and what I can’t. I would love to believe that I am the superhero I feel like sometimes but the fact is, there is plenty that is out of my control. To which, I work on letting go. 

It’s funny, I say “work” because sometimes it’s not as easy as doing a mic drop kind of release. Sometimes it feels like something is being pried from your hands down to your fingertips kind of release.  Still, it’s letting go of things you can not change. This frees you to focus on what you can. Next, do an evaluation to see what’s the most pressing and what can wait. Low risk, high reward. 

This type of process is logical and can get you over the hump to move forward. You can use these steps to tackle any challenge you face. 

First, you have to activate it and then you have to own it. So before we can want more and do more….we have to know MORE is even possible.

Carla Moore gives us: 5 Ways to Activate Your Personal Power found on forbes.com

  • Know your make and model. 
  • Punch in your destination.
  • Shift from junkyard to showroom.
  • Check the map. 
  • Choose your passengers.

Now you may say, Kendall, you are always talking about being satisfied with what you have and living in the moment. What happened to that?

This concept isn’t umbrella-style thinking and doesn’t encompass everything. The idea is, if you want to be more, you have to do more, and before you can do more, you have to want more. We aren’t motivated to do more if the want isn’t specifically tied to our own desires. Meaning, you can’t apply this process for something someone else wants for you or from you. This has to be your own wants, needs, and desires. 

Simply accepting that you are where you are (mentally, physically, or spiritually) as a result of someone else's stronghold or some opportunity that passed over you is not an example of activating your power. 

Bonnie Marcus helps us with 10 Steps To Own Your Personal Power found on forbes.com

  • Acknowledge and declare your ambition. 
  • Replace negative self-talk with positive affirmations. 
  • Advocate for yourself and others.
  • Ask for help when you need it.
  • Speak up and share your opinions and ideas.
  • Acknowledge your fears. 
  • Schedule quiet time.
  • Build a supportive network.
  • Maintain a growth mindset.
  • Practice self-care.

Recently, I walked along the beach looking at the ocean. I was in awe of the vastness, the soothing rhythms of the waves meeting the sand, its consistency, and its power. I realized I was standing on the fringes of such an amazing wonder. All the chaos of life was happening on just the edges. WOW When you need perspective, look to nature. 

We can get so enamored with this false sense of reality; moving pictures telling a story, loosely based on reality or fiction. We can feel traumatized without even knowing we were assaulted by the messages. But turning my head in the opposite direction I realized; life will go on without my input. I don’t have to control everything or feel the responsibility for the weight of the world. The tide will still come in. 

Kathy Caprino lays out The Top 8 Things People Desperately Desire But Can't Seem To Attain in her article for forbes.com

  • No. 1: Happiness
  • No. 2: Money
  • No. 3: Freedom
  • No. 4: Peace
  • No. 5: Joy
  • No. 6: Balance
  • No. 7: Fulfillment
  • No. 8: Confidence

Today we need deliverables; sayings we can glom onto and put in our pocket or on our Twitter feeds. Ideas are broken down, simple, easy to remember.

Do you want more? What are you prepared to do? 

Research, explore, educate, connect.

Do you want to be more? What are you prepared to do?

Learn, listen, strive, instill, reach

With this recipe, you have the power to activate your action plan...today!


CHALLENGE: Take some time in the quiet to listen to your heart. What do you want? Be willing to do the research, connect, commit, overcome, and persevere remembering; #wantmore, #domore, #bemore.


I Know YOU Can Do It!

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