Still Loading, When You’re in Need of an Update

October 22, 2019

Are you a work in progress? If you’re afraid to raise your hand relax, that’s actually a good thing. If you were set in your ways, letting new versions and updates pass you by, you would be seriously missing out. Technology is ever-evolving because programmers are always evaluating current versions for ways to improve, expand, correct, and add new features...and so should we. That’s not to say we can’t ever be satisfied. On the contrary.  You can be happy with who you are and where you are and still have a desire to grow. 

So what version are you up to? Has your hard drive started to have performance issues, running out of space, in need of a backup or at least a clearing of the cache? Depending on where you are in your life, you could be overwhelmed and at full capacity with data overload. A lifetime of memories, experiences, trials & tragedies, lessons learned and powerful perceptions. Your current operating system may not be compatible. Sounds funny and of course,  I could go all night with technology analogies - I do love a good metaphor, but seriously, let’s explore this a little more. 

You might be so stuck in one way of thinking, shackled by a rigid routine with zero room to accept anything new. Still loading… incompatible with this version. Not enough memory to operate. The spinning wheel of inefficient performance.  Now what? Well, you can click along at the same pace, comfortable operating within your capacity until you finally freeze up or you can get prepared to accept an update. 

I’m going to assume that if you haven’t changed the channel then you are interested in the latter. So let’s make room and get our systems up to date. 

It starts with a good purge of data. Just like with your computer, your system has lots and lots or should I say loads and loads of temporary files and outdated documents creating a sludge of information the will seriously affect your overall performance. What are you carrying around that might make it hard to adopt new ideas? What’s taking up the majority of the space and time in your life?

If you only had so much space you were allotted, how would you fill it? If you’re at capacity and you want to add something new, something has to go. So what goes?

Blaz Kos from Agile Lean Life said there are 9 crucial updates you need to get to a superhuman mindset:

There are nine crucial updates that lead to a superhuman mindset and the most superior way of thinking: (1) The growth mindset, (2) the abundance mindset, (3) positive thinking, (4) solution-oriented mindset, (5) proactive thinking, (6) optimal thinking, (7) agile thinking, (8) regret minimization mindset and (9) the ability to shut down your mind when necessary. 

One of the most popular and important quotes in history is attributed to Mahatma Gandhi: Your beliefs become your thoughts, your thoughts become your words, your words become your actions, your actions become your habits, your habits become your values and your values become your destiny.

Nearly all people have extremely poor control over their minds. Their mindset is weak, and consequently, negative and destructive thoughts start hindering their lives day by day. It’s impossible to live a positive, quality, peak performance life with a negative mind and a poor mindset.

It is never too late and you are never too far gone to reinvent yourself and start a new. Use some of these ideas to justify an overhaul to your thought patterns. Never say never. Just because you weren’t able to get on board at a particular period in your life doesn’t mean it won’t make sense today. Flexibility is a challenge in itself. So have fun with it!

Don’t be afraid to “click” around life to see what you might find. The best way to understand new technology is to take a risk and explore and when you get stuck..Google it! Now my parallel would not be complete if I left it there. Get out of your comfort zone, try new things on, be willing to take a risk, and when you get stuck reach out to connect with others. We may all be operating at a different speed, running slightly different programs but there is so much to be learned from each other. 

CHALLENGE: Before the chuck the current model and start fresh, consider some of these ideas to help you delete and update your old mindset to easily download and install a new version. Scan your outdated files for things that just don’t sit well anymore and challenge them to adopt a new way of thinking.

I Know YOU Can Do It!