Restoration Through Forgiveness & Freedom

July 2, 2019

What are you carrying around that you can’t seem to let go? Is it forgiving a loved one, a person who has wronged you or is it forgiving yourself? Whatever is creating the baggage, you can’t achieve freedom when you are bound by your past. Why can’t you move on? I’m not suggesting this is easy or something you should have figured out by the end of this show but I am hoping you will open your heart and mind and consider a new perspective. Restoration  - becoming whole, mending the broken, giving new life…...let’s try it. 

We have all experienced some level of hurt. Whether we were mistreated, left brokenhearted, or lost our faith or trust in someone, we all have felt pain.

We cannot change the past. We also cannot change people. With this in mind, it is important to remember what forgiveness is really about. Forgiveness is not about erasing the past. The past can never be erased. It isn’t simply forgetting what has happened. Sometimes it’s beneficial to remember the pain so we don’t have to endure it again. It is not about making someone else see their faults or expecting your forgiveness to change their behaviors.

Time to get honest with yourself….Are you trapped by your reluctance to forgive? Someone has wronged you and it’s just too monumental to simply forgive...and move on? Wow well, we can’t even go there! If you could change the situation what would you do? If you could do anything but change the initial circumstance since that’s an easy one but the only one we CAN’T do….what would you do?  

Much research has been done on the personal, intrapersonal benefits of forgiving, and the detriments of not forgiving another. That is, studies show people unwilling to extend forgiveness to someone who has done them harm will often withdraw from social relationships and tend to experience deep loneliness. Additionally, a loss of trust occurs more often than not, discouraging them from ever developing future close relationships. Depression and anxiety are often leading causal reasons, but one particular motivation often overlooked is deeply rooted in stress.

Now you have the steps but what about the “why” - not only will it mentally relieve you of the responsibility of harboring this anger but it will benefit your overall health and wellness. We always have to remember what these toxic emotions can do to US. Every day you have a responsibility to yourself to live the best day you can. Life is so short and life with the effects of bad health can feel forever in torture. 

Maybe it’s YOU, you can’t forgive. The shame and guilt of choices you’ve made in your past keep looping in your mind, consuming any joy that threatens to permeate your self-loathing. What a dark and lonely place that can be. How can you climb out? 

When your mind isn’t being consumed with negative thoughts that play at a crippling volume you are free to pursue your dreams. You have time and energy and an open road to move forward. 

You may want to take your time and just enjoy the space and time. What got you into a place of resentment will always need care - it may be the way you are wired so you will always have to be mindful of your knee-jerk reaction. When you can see it and stop it, you are using a different part of your brain, you are growing. 

Each day, take an inventory of your feelings, your energy and where you want it to go today. Find gratitude first thing and continue to focus on the little things that you can appreciate throughout your day. Collect these as if you are collecting a bouquet of flowers, each tiny daisy will add fullness to your day. Be kind to yourself…..personal growth isn’t always easy and doesn’t come without challenges so don’t let the first bit of resistance take the wind out of your sails. Adjust them to pick up the wind and carry on. 

CHALLENGE: Take the step to freedom today for YOU. Accept what can not be changed and let go of what can’t be controlled, forgive. Start new in a fresh direction where freedom and self-care are valued and cherished.

I Know YOU Can Do It!

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