Overcoming Your Time Management Woes

August 16, 2022


On this show…we will get up on the first alarm, check in with our personal goals before we dive into work, and evaluate our priorities all in the attempt to overcome our time management woes. Am I speaking to you? Are you chronically late, overwhelmed, and feeling guilty? When you hear things like; stay calm and carry on, better late than never, a day late a dollar short, does it hit home? Hey, we get it, it’s a busy world we all live in and you are just trying to make your day happen the best you know how. But you know, the buck does not stop there. You can always work toward freedom and find better practices to make your life easier. So get a piece of paper and start a list….one of the many you might want to make in the future to better use the time you are allotted. 

Ah time…the only thing we don’t have enough of. Well, I would save Love too but that’s another show. I remember when I was younger and I couldn’t wait to grow up, I couldn’t wait for High School, I should wait to drive, for the weekend, or to be considered an adult. Now, I wonder where all that time went. Today I’m trying to stretch time, shove as much as I can into a work day and make the weekend creep by. I’m trying to hold on to precious moments before they become a memory of the past.  Many say age is just a number and that’s true but it’s made up of 24 hours, 7 days a week, 30 days a month, 12 months in a year…..time in our rearview mirror. 

Making the most of time is essential. So let’s look at where we spend our time and tips to help us better manage our time,  not only for a more productive but a happier life. 

Blaz Kos starts us off with The 12 best time management quotes of all time explained found at spica.com

Laura Clarke sheds some light on Why some people are always running late found at bbc.com

Wanda Thibodeaux keeps us in this vein with 11 Unusual Reasons You're Habitually Late (and How to Master the Clock)

Over at zenlyorganized.com I found tips to Become a Time-Management Master with These 8 Time Laws


Richard Koch on the 80 / 20 Principle

CHALLENGE: value saving time as much as spending it. Make room to find some balance when you schedule out your day. You deserve a meaningful time slot.

I Know YOU Can Do It!

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