Never Stop Quitting, Sometimes the First Time Doesn’t Stick

April 27, 2021



On this show...we’re adopting a new perspective and a new mantra; Never Stop Quitting! Wait, that sounds ridiculous, I mean no one likes a quitter, right? Wrong! If you ever tried to stop something and then fell off the wagon, given in to temptation, or just lost your way should that be it? You quit, end of the story? I think now, pick yourself up and quit again, and again, and then again if you need to but NEVER stop quitting. Sometimes the first time just doesn’t stick! So this show isn’t about the art of quitting but the endless pursuit of freedom. Now there’s a spin I can get behind. 

I heard the sentiment “Never stop quitting” from a doctor of mine. At first, I thought it was a nervous response to checking my chart and realizing yet again, I had quit smoking. You see, I had quit smoking the last time I was there and here I was a year later letting her know of my newfound success. Instead of chastising me for being unsuccessful, shaming me for succumbing, or making me feel guilty for not being strong enough to see it through she simply said, "Well, never stop quitting” and we moved on. 

Wow, how lovely it was to feel support instead of humiliated. I’m not saying that’s what caused it to stick but I have been smoke-free for over 10 years. 

How many times have we wanted to change a habit or behavior, but were unsuccessful? I’m guessing you’re human so I’m guessing everyone one of us can recall something that meets that criteria if not a few things. Failure is just a part of life. Some say failure is the best teacher. So imagine failing at your attempts of quitting something you’re needing freedom from…..welp, that didn’t work. Oh well moving on to something else. Whether it’s drugs, alcohol, caffeine, sugar, gossip, negativity, anxiety, promiscuity, or doubt - you can be freed. You deserve ownership over your life and your life choices. You have the power to dictate what you choose to participate in and what you don’t. If you don’t have the power to heal yourself you have the power to seek help. 

Quitting is not even the first step. Coming to terms with the reality that you need to make a change in your life is step one. Then asserting your authority over that right is step two. If your intention doesn’t go to plan - you can’t just walk away. You owe it to yourself to try again - quit again and turn your life in a new direction with a different approach. 

Noelle gets us started with her ideas on How to Stop Falling “Off” the Wagon (for good) found on her blog, Coconuts and Kettlebells. 

When people go outside of the rules they’re trying to follow or keep, it often results in feelings of inadequacy, disappointment, and shame. These reactions are rooted in the belief that our interactions with food affect our own self-worth. Following the rules makes you a “good” person. And when those rules aren’t upheld, you’re a failure.

Let’s get real for a second. That wagon? Yeah, it doesn’t actually exist.

The wagon we all refer to is really just a strict set of rules we hope will give us more control of our health, body, or other people’s perception of us. When the rules are being followed, you’re in the wagon, and when a rule is broken—you’re out….

I actually have fantastic willpower when I think about it but only for something I truly want and am ready to tackle. Isn’t that just it? We get a lot of advice from friends, family, spouses….heck even total strangers. Don’t look up a self-help article or you’ll be bombarded with every self-help strategy and product on the planet. You can find programs that advertise 5minutes a day will give you the body of a lifetime to a patch that promises all your cravings will be squelched. There are endless articles about the cause and effect from true research to scare tactics that just don’t work. 

I had a doctor tell me that there could be a pill you take once a day to live forever and people would still skip a day. Human will - it’s a curious thing. 

Psychologist Catarina Lino offers some insight in her article The Psychology of Willpower: Training the Brain for Better Decisions

5 Ways to Strengthen Willpower

1) Improve Your Self-Awareness

2) Meditate

3) Exercise

4) Eat Well

5) Relax


Willpower Weakeners

Stress is one of the biggest obstacles to self-control. Two other hindrances are self-criticism and temptation.

To set yourself up for success, know your limitations. Be open and honest with yourself. We’ve had a little tongue and cheek with the idea of: Never Stop Quitting but the fact is - never give up on your pursuit of freedom, no matter what you’re needing to be freed from. You deserve the control your body is capable of. 


CHALLENGE: If at first you don’t succeed - try, try, again with the knowledge that failure is the challenge to shape you for victory. Embody the notion that quitting anything that isn’t serving you is a critical step but pushing yourself to never stop quitting is the resolve you need to win!


I Know YOU Can Do It!

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