Navigating Ever-Changing Friendships

May 3, 2022


On this show…we aren’t taking our toys and going home or playing the blame game but instead, we are going to explore and research as we navigate ever-changing friendships. Best buds, bestie, buddy, friends-forever, chums, pals, twinkies, mates, amigo…..so what is the true meaning of friendship?

friendship, a state of enduring affection, esteem, intimacy, and trust between two people. In all cultures, friendships are important relationships throughout a person's life span. But it isn’t always smooth sailing but instead a little bumpy, emotional, and sometimes heartbreaking. If we could only answer with certainty, was it you or was it me? People come in and out of your life leaving meaning, impact, and a myriad of lessons. But at the time of a friendship break, it’s hard to pick through the benefits. Let’s try and do just that. So no matter where you are in your friendships, take this journey with me.

I have had the same best friend since I was 4 years old. That is a rarity I know and for which I am very blessed. Her sister is just a year older and we all met while visiting their cousin who was my neighbor. It wasn't long until we were thick as thieves. Coming from a small town, it was easy to stay together in school and in our free time. After school adventures and weekend slumber parties. We grew up, got braces, learned to drive, dated boys, started careers, found husbands, and had children. It all sounds very Norman Rockwell I know but it wasn’t without our lion’s share of challenges, tragedies wins, and losses. Through it all, we’ve weathered the storms and stayed together. You should hear us singing 80’s music at the top of our lungs at Patio Time. Actually, maybe you shouldn’t lol. 

Not all my friendship stories have happy endings and at first, I took it personally. What do I mean, “at first”, maybe I still do. Endless hours were spent replaying my role, scrutinizing what I must have said or done, and not accepting that maybe our time had come to an end. How do you let go and move on when you weren’t really ready for a friendship to end? Don’t worry, we’ll unpack that and much more. 

I found this post on Facebook which inspired the show today. I think we could have all benefited from this list as we were growing up but I also believe we need these reminders moving forward. 

Things I want my daughter to know about friendship. Written by Amy Weatherly & Jess Johnston

Amanda Kuda helps us understand The Secret to Navigating Friendships & Personal Growth; How to attract, release, & shift friendships during a period of reinvention. In an article, she wrote for medium.com

Laura Quiambao asks us and provides solutions in her article for Zencare: Has a Close Friendship Ended? Here’s How to Deal – and Heal

Dr. Karen Binder-Brynes shares more on this with When Friendships Change, written for goop.com

At yourlifeyourvoice.org I found an interesting concept of Circles of Friendship


CHALLENGE: today, reach out to a friend, new or old. Set a date to connect and share. Realize the benefits of nurturing your inner circle and uncover new ways to give to those relationships. Be yourself. Let other people be themselves right back.

I Know YOU Can Do It!

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