Keep, Pitch, or Donate? Ideas to Cherish, Release, and Pass On

June 7, 2022


On this show…we’re cleaning out the mind-brain and evaluating whether to keep, pitch, or donate our ideas. Years and years of accumulation can generate an overabundance of thoughts that may or may not serve you any longer. It may be time to clear a path and take a deeper look at what you’re holding on to. Some of this clutter was embedded into the far-reaching corners of your mind and others were imprinted through shared experiences as you were developing. Some ideas helped you build barricades when you needed extra protection and some ideas just no longer fit, you’ve outgrown them. You could box, rebox, and stack all your thoughts into the corners running out of room for something new OR you could make a date, pull out the bins, and get to sorting. Keep, pitch, or donate.

I’m not a clutter bug or overly sentimental about stuff. Sure, when the kids were little I kept more, finding another drawer or filing cabinet for school projects and handmade cards. I mean who can throw out a picture of your child's handprint made into a turkey? Not to mention the funny questionnaire about how old they think you are or how much they think you weigh woven into a heartfelt Mother’s day card. 

But when it comes to general stuff, I’m more for donating than storing away for a rainy day. It could be my generation because my Mom feels a massive responsibility to inherited furniture, china, and knick-knacks. At one point we had 5 different patterns in the attic because each child looked at me like I’d lost my mind when I told them I was saving Great Grandmother China for their first place. My oldest said, “Don’t bother, I’m buying paper and plastic so I never have to wash a dish”. 

But ideas, now those are a little harder to pitch. Some are rooted rather deep and whether they’re true or not, they’ve lived in your reality for as long as you can remember. You might need those, someone might need those. Some just crept in over time. Ideas you created when you didn’t have the full story, half of an experience, or a sliver of truth. These too became you’re reality and right or wrong, you protect them fiercely. 

But just like that, we have a breakthrough, a bit of growth. We start evolving and learning and what once fit, now doesn't. Someone else could benefit from this growth. Maybe it could help someone over or through a bad patch of their journey. You release old ideas and pass on the learning to help someone else. You’ve made room for more. 

Hey, that was a fun and freeing feeling, I want some more of that. You fling the doors wide open as you are pulling out ideas, thoughts, and memories and sorting through good, bad, stay, or go!

Crystal Raypole helps us organize our thoughts with 8 Ways to Give Your Mind a Deep Cleaning found at healthline.com

Emma Dibdin shares 9 Ways to Cope With Intrusive Thoughts - Becoming aware of your thought patterns is the first step toward breaking the cycle. Found at psychcentral.com

Over at the University of St Augustine for Health Sciences, I found, How to Retrain Your Brain for Success and Positivity. 


CHALLENGE: give your mind a good spring cleaning. Evaluate ideas, old thought patterns, and limited thinking to see what you value to keep, what you’re ready to release, and what you can pass on to someone in need. Free your mind to invite in new and inspiring ideas.

I Know YOU Can Do It!

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