F-E-A-R For Every & All Reasons

September 14, 2021


On this show…we’re keeping both eyes wide open as we hit FEAR head-on. That’s right, we are standing up to fear, pushing it back, and delivering an ultimatum; show you’re worth in our lives or get to packin’. No longer will we let the stronghold of fear hold us back from who we were meant to be, what we were meant to do, and where we were meant to go. Fear has a middle name; acceptance and that one has to go to. We aren’t accepting that because this is the way it’s always been, this is the way it will always be. Hogwash! I don’t know about you but I deserve more and won’t settle for settling. Even if we can’t snap our finger and dissolve fear into dust we CAN make a commitment, right now, to each other that we will take a step forward to finding the why, the what, and the how. 

Many types of fear are natural. It’s what causes our body to react and take action so a healthy dose is positive and crucial to survival. We’ll be digging into the mechanics of that as we go along. There is also a decent amount of irrational fears. Like fear of spiders, Junebugs, or balloons. These fears creep up on you and no matter what you tell yourself…” Kendall, it’s a balloon, a child’s party favor, how on earth can that hurt you?” your body still reacts on its own assumptions. 

But the fear we are going to dive into is the persistent fear that cripples you from achieving your true potential or even a normal life. The one that smothers you in self-doubt, anxiety, and shame. That feeling who’s unwelcomed visits come at the worst possible times.

Arash Javanbakht and Linda Saab tell us What Happens in the Brain When We Feel Fear found at smithsonianmag.com

Dr. Matt James takes us  6 steps further with 6 Signs That Fear is Holding You Back found at psychologytoday.com 

Have you ever heard of the “power of suggestion?” Maybe you’ve heard, “what you seek you shall find?” Fear can be easily handed to us as an ember and with a little fuel, we can have a full-on fire that is out of control. The media is notorious for sending out spark after spark. But in the power of suggestion is also your power of perception. You can reject these notions and do your own discovery. You can push back, unplug, and step away. Shock and awe have always sold better than oohs and awwwes. 

Dr. Deborah Serani. A licensed psychologist and  the award-winning author of "Living with Depression," "Depression and Your Child: A Guide for Parents and Caregivers" and "Depression in Later Life" exposes this phenomenon with If It Bleeds, It Leads: Understanding Fear-Based Media found at psychologytoday.com

Dr. Theo Tsaousides provides some insight into 12 Common Fears That Keep Us Stuck - These everyday fears can be scarier than snakes and spiders. Found at psychologytoday.com

So, what are you afraid of? If you’ve literally been afraid to find out, you might not yet know. Oh, you get that panicky feeling that comes out of nowhere but instead of trying to identify the root cause you’ve been focusing on your reaction to it. Sounds reasonable. But no one gets anywhere without taking a step forward.

Dr. Theo Tsaousides provides some insight into 12 Common Fears That Keep Us Stuck - These everyday fears can be scarier than snakes and spiders. Found at psychologytoday.com

Leo Babauta outlines A Guide to Beating the Fears That Are Holding You Back found on zenhabits.com



  1. When we are able to recognize what is and isn’t a real threat, relabel an experience and enjoy the thrill of that moment, we are ultimately at a place where we feel in control.
  2. Abnormal levels of fear and anxiety can lead to significant distress and dysfunction and limit a person’s ability for success and joy of life.
  3. Fear sees only the downside
  4. Give yourself time and space to hear other voices besides fear’s in any decision. 
  5.  In the power of suggestion is also your power of perception
  6. Remember that you have the power to turn off the remote, leave a website, or change the radio station.
  7. First, acknowledge your fear. This is a huge first step. 
  8. Take control over it by writing it down. It is now outside you. 
  9. Recognize that you’re not alone, that we ALL have these fears, that we all think we might not be good enough.
  10.  Be in the moment. Fear of failure (and other similar fears) are fears of the future

CHALLENGE: to control your fears by understanding them. There is power in knowledge and your own perception. When armed, fight back to remove their stronghold. Freedom from fear holds your victory.

I Know YOU Can Do It!

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