Coming to a Place of Acceptance and Moving On

April 19, 2022


On this show…we are putting a pin in the “what ifs”, acknowledging our responsibility, and letting go so we can move on with peace and freedom. It’s time we give ourselves a pass. You will never have it all figured out, people, including yourself, will continue to shock and surprise you, and you don’t possess the power to change the past. You can, however, learn and grow as you navigate this complex thing called life. In order to move on, you need to come to a place of acceptance knowing what you have today, information, motive, apologies, or forgiveness will have to be enough. Feeling stuck and hopeless is an illusion. Emotions are powerful but you are stronger. Pick up each foot, quiet your spinning minds with ENOUGH, and reach a hand in front of you. Take your index finger and extend it forward because that’s where you are heading.

There are so many angles we can explore when it comes to acceptance so let’s leave no stone unturned. We’ve all heard or used the saying “It is what it is”. The perfect phrase for acceptance. It is that it means, "Oh well, nothing to do now but move on. It already happened and it can’t be changed or that’s just what it is and I can’t make it different." However you interpret the meaning, it means time to move on. 

The first step toward change is awareness. The second step is acceptance. – Nathaniel Branden

Acceptance of what has happened is the first step to overcoming the consequences of any misfortune. – William James

Acceptance is typically linked to loss. Accepting the loss of something in preparation of letting go and moving forward.  What have you lost that you are still in the process of accepting? How did you get there? How did you move on?

Mateja Klaric asks and answers, Why Is It So Hard to Accept a Loss? In her article for medium.com

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Have you ever wondered, What Is Radical Acceptance?  Arlin Cuncic explores this question in their article for verywellmind.com

CHALLENGE: accept what you can not change. Instead of resisting and living in a constant state of suffering. Reach out, explore your options, and be open and willing to invite in new emotions. You deserve to feel free. 


I Know YOU Can Do It!

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