Change Your Outlook by Changing Your Perception

October 1, 2019

Are you worried you’ve taken grouchiness to a whole new level? Is it hard to see the forest for the trees? Do you find judgment first and forgiveness last...if at all? Maybe you are just ready for a brighter outlook and a sunnier disposition. You know the people I’m talking about; always smiling, walking with a little extra pep in their step, spreading cheer everywhere they go. It’s like shooting stars are going off all around them. Who are these people and whatever they have...I want some. Let’s talk about it and work on narrowing the gap between where you are and where they seem to be. 

So before you get your pen and paper out to catch the magical recipe of a happy person let me sum it up….it’s all perception. They see the silver lining, they turn their frowns upside down, they keep their glasses on and yes they are rose-colored. This could be how they are wired or this could be by choice but either way, there is nothing mystical going on. They change their outlook by changing their perception. 

Living in a bubble is a figure of speech. They have access to the tv with endless news disasters, they see the headlines, they too can have an avalanche of doom waiting for them on their social feed...but they choose to move past it and not internalize it. When someone points out the pitfalls of the day, they remind them of the rainbows that are just over the horizon.

Bad things happen to good people. Tragedy, death, and despair even though we don’t wish it on anyone for most, it is inevitable.  

We all feel the weight of negativity all around us. But SOME of us choose to walk past it instead of picking it up and adding it to our already heavy load.

Where do you see yourself in that scenario? Now, where do you WANT to see yourself?

It’s not too late. You can change your outlook and find the good first. It just takes a little acceptance, being self-aware, compassionate, understanding, and some resolve.

Wise words were given to me that I will never forget; “stop the story where the facts end”. Assuming you know the end to the story or even the whole story on limited information is harmful. It can get you worked up into a lather for zero reasons and create chaos where there is none. As hard as it is, stop the story where the facts end. Be ok without an ending. Life is still developing, you are still growing, and people are changing. Nothing is final when it comes to development. 

Some of us make assumptions based on limiting beliefs which are assumptions or perceptions that we’ve got about ourselves and about the way the world works. These assumptions are “self-limiting” because in some way they're holding us back from achieving what we are capable of.

What are some limiting beliefs you are ready and willing to challenge? At certain times or stages in our life, we are more open to accepting an alternative perception. Most of us can look back at some of our early things and realize, even though we thought we knew it all, we barely had a clue.  Why do you suppose that is? There is intelligence and then there is a life experience. Some things just can’t be found in a book and as our mother’s wanted to avoid, must be learned from failing. Failing and learning. 

If you don’t run into challenges, problem solve, and overcome, how will you learn anything? Remember in the beginning I said,  “It just takes a little acceptance, being self-aware, compassion, understanding, and resolve.” Learning from your failures creates resolve. 

Being self-aware involves being honest and tracing your beliefs, assumptions, and perception back to its roots to discover the truth. The truth about who you are and what you actually believe. You are a self-proclaimed grouch - discover the why and change your ways. You are always afraid to try new things - find out where the stems from and change your ways. You aren’t comfortable in a crowd - don’t accept that as fact, figure out where the fear is coming from and change your ways.  My point is, there is no reason you should buy into your limiting beliefs and stay where you are. If you want growth, if you want to change your outlook, you have to be willing to change your perception. 

With that new outlook comes freedom. Freedom from saving the world. Freedom to nurture my own well-being. Free to love without conditions. Freedom to accept that I’m still learning and growing. Freedom in the realization that I don’t have all the answers and that’s ok.

CHALLENGE: Explore your roadblocks to get to the root of this perception. Challenge it with what you know to be true now. Be open and willing to new ideas and understanding. Change your outlook by putting in the work to change your perception.

I Know YOU Can Do It!