Breaking the Conflict; Guilt and Forgiveness, Perfectionism and Self Acceptance

August 23, 2022


On this show…we are aimed at interrupting the constant conflict between guilt and forgiveness, perfectionism and self-acceptance. Sometimes this conflict can feel like a Marvel comic with good versus evil and you aren’t sure which side you’re actually on. Have you ever questioned who’s carrying this bottomless guilt or who’s striving for these unreachable heights? You are. Great, now we’re face to face with our nemesis the only thing left is the battle to see who comes out on top. That does seem like the obvious blockbuster outcome but what about taking another route - letting go? Seeking forgiveness and self-acceptance. Breaking the conflict and choosing peace. Well, that may not make it to the box office but a meaningful self-help guide is worth far more. 

Let’s start by learning a little more about guilt from goodtherapy.com

Kendra Cherry guides us with Taking the Steps to Forgive Yourself found at verywellmind.com

Lilianna Hogan explains the difference between self-forgiveness and self-compassion in her article - How to Forgive Yourself found at the webmd.com

Dr. Ilene Strauss Cohen offers How to Let Go of the Need to Be Perfect found at psychologytoday.com

Shonna Waters, PhD believes The path to self-acceptance, is paved through daily practice found at betterup.com

CHALLENGE: Tap out the fight as you strive for a better vantage point. Take a look at the bigger picture. Your conflict is with yourself and forgiveness and self-acceptance are a gift waiting for you to accept.

I Know YOU Can Do It!

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