Becoming Real, Honestly YOU!

March 26, 2019

Why do we have to be sitting at a critical crossroad in our life to realize we need a change? No pain no change?  What are you searching for to make yourself happy? Friends, love, acceptance, an awakening, a hobby, stuff, more stuff, and even more stuff. When you sit alone with your thoughts...did it work? Do all those things = happiness?

Life tells us to find a steady job, a safe routine, work your way up, save for the future while at the same time you’re supposed to be creative, inventive, and successful. Be an entrepreneurial spirit, have all the latest tools and gadgets and be connected and active on the social media journaling life as you go. Do you have that down? Does that make you happy? Is that who you are?

Lisa Pool shares her findings on a recent life transformation she calls: "Sweet Bedlam - a Single Mom's Journey from Fear to Fulfillment"

“Let go and give yourself permission to be who you truly are and give this to the world in everything you do, at all costs, no exceptions. This is your journey to living an extraordinary life.

I can tell you without the slightest hesitation that the one greatest gift I have to share from my life thus far is this:

If you want to live an extraordinary life you first must know who you truly are, and to get to that place you must go find out who you truly are. It won’t happen stuck in fear, it won’t happen frozen in doubt and it certainly will not happen without a dramatic shift in your perception of what the purpose of your life is.”

Here are a few questions to ponder and work through as you start your journey to find you...Honestly YOU.

  1. What do I love absolutely? Deep down, what matters to you? Write down the things that give you energy and excite me. People, places, activities, ideas
  2. What do I consider my greatest accomplishments in life? This is a moment in your lift that you felt really proud, accomplished, or successful. What did it take to make that happen? List out your steps because each of them is an achieved milestone and should be celebrated.
  3. What would be my purpose if I knew no one would judge me? If there was no fear, no worry of repercussions, no judgment of your choices, right to your most deeply held wishes and dreams. What would you do? Write it all out - even if it seems ridiculous and makes you giggle, it makes you, YOU.
  4. If there were no limits to what I could have or could want in my life, what would that be? Before self doubt creeps in what would your life look like if NO wasn’t a possibility? List out what you would be doing, where you would be living, how successful are you, what kind of person would you be? Aligning with these inner expectations, we can work toward the life we genuinely want. Our desires are also rooted in the quiet wisdom that we really do have the power to make this a reality. You may just find out it’s not that far off from where you are right now.
  5. If I had all the money in the world, what would I do? Make a list of every single thing that you would really love to see happen in your life if you had all the money in the world. After the obvious ones - Challenge yourself to think along the lines of no boundaries and fulfilling a purpose—then what would be on your list?
  6. Who do I admire most? Who exudes the qualities that you admire most in a person? Think about what really inspires you in this world, and who is living their own world OUT LOUD.


CHALLENGE: Spend time working on you and regions of your core that typically lay dormant. Listen to yourself without judgment and resist self-doubt at every turn. Only you can activate and honor your true purpose and it starts with becoming you, honestly YOU.


I know YOU can do it!