Trusting Yourself, Listening to Your Inner Voice

July 23, 2019

Would you say you have good intuition? Are you able to sense the right path over the wrong? Are you great with advice…….for everyone but yourself? Why is it hard to take our own advice, trust our own intuition, or listen to our inner voice? Is it because most of the time we ignore those feelings and push forward in a direction that isn’t quite right, we get burned time and time again and then we feel incapable of managing our own lives...successfully?

Let's take it back….way back, you know I like to start at the root of it all if we can. We start our learning and forming opinions and ideas with each new challenge our parents or caregivers put in front of us. They themselves are a big source of how we are molded and what we think. Like little sponges, we soaked up everything. Then, as we explored life we started to develop some independence, courage, and curiosity. We started to form our own points of view..intuition but still grossly impacted by our foundation and what we believed to be true about ourselves and the world around us.

Children have intuition rooted in the heart. In a way, it is our nature to have a heightened sense of knowing and sensitivity to others. And we either make the choice to meet it or we drown it in distraction.

So how can we get back to the heart - pushing out the lingering effects of trauma or hushing the limiting beliefs from our childhood? Do you take time to feel, and think, and trust? 

Here’s what my gut is saying about this...NO. You feel a pull, get a thought and immediately you dismiss it. Crazy ideas, self-sabotage, silly notions, overly judgmental, super nieve. Whatever you have to tell yourself to push forward without regard to this feeling. 

Maybe it’s fear from the things you’ve come to believe or adopted as fact during your formative years. You aren’t really sure if they are fact - you’ve never challenged them as such - but it’s “just always been like this or that”. 

Are you thinking of a few right now that might be preventing you from trusting yourself? You’re lazy. You have horrible taste in Men/Women. You aren’t smart enough. You're Not worldly enough You’ve made too many bad choices. You're selfish.

How could you reframe your limiting belief to be a positive vs a negative? 

You’re lazy.  - Maybe you take your time and evaluate all the information before making a hasty decision. Maybe you move at a slower pace building in time to enjoy life. 

You have horrible taste in Men/Women. Maybe you saw something in that person that you felt needed more attention and on paper, they may not have been a perfect match but went for it anyway. It didn’t work out but you are learning and growing and you will take away valuable lessons from these experiences and continue to explore what is best for you. 

You aren’t smart enough.  For what? Maybe those topics aren’t important to you and as a result, you haven’t invested a lot of time investigating and learning. But where you are passionate and interested you dig in deep and focus your energy in learning more about those topics. 

You're Not worldly enough For whom? Maybe you enjoy creating a haven at home and channeling your energy building a worldly retreat in your own backyard. You have a strong sense of community and travel means getting out and participating, getting to know your neighbors, volunteering and enjoying your own paradise. 

You’ve made too many bad choices. Maybe you’ve been in a rush to make something amazing happen in your life and as a result, you didn’t listen to your own intuition or let your heart guide you. Instead, you powered through with the knowledge you had at that time. When it didn’t go your way, you recognized the defeat and learned the experience so you create a different outcome next time

You're selfish M you value your time and choose to surround yourself with things, experiences, or people who make you happy. Maybe you are unsure how to pitch in and help others and lack the confidence to ask. 

Developing a strong connection with your intuition can be challenging, especially if you’ve spent a lifetime second-guessing yourself or not trusting your own decision- making skills, or if you have too many other “voices” in your head – voices of self-doubt, or blame, or judgment – drowning out your intuition.

Challenge: Challenge whatever is preventing you form listening and tuning into your inner voice. Realize you have a purpose and you deserve all life has to offer. Make yourself, your wants, needs, and desires a priority. Listen and trust.

I know YOU can do it!

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