Looking in the Mirror for the Who Instead of the What

May 19, 2020

How much of your worth is measured on what you do and what you think you are instead of WHO you are? Let’s not beat around the bush and just get right into it. Who are you, who do you aspire to be, and who do you want to see YOU? It’s important to separate accomplishments and accolades, trials and failures, to find the real you. Your core. The you that’s inherent even when the world has tried to shape and mold you to fit their whims. Let’s focus on finding you, the who vs the what. 

So what do you see when you look in the mirror? Right now I see someone in desperate need of a haircut, color, & facial. And if I’m not required to actually look decent in a reasonably short amount of time, I’m going to forget how. But I also see someone who is human. Someone who is resilient, patient, positive, enthusiastic, passionate, driven, dedicated….but human. Someone who has been challenged and as a result hasn’t always been kind to herself. Someone who looks to solve and fix the world’s problems but someone who is human.

It’s ok to be human. It’s ok to have days you don’t feel proud or moments you wish you could forget. But it isn’t ok to bury the real you under the need to please others and become someone you aren’t because you were told, you aren’t ok the way you are. It isn’t ok to measure your worth on what you could or could not accomplish. This is your one beautiful life and if you don’t see it that way then let’s see what or who is standing in your way and blocking your vantage point.

I’m not saying it’s easy. The road to self-discovery is windy, long, at times bumpy, but in the straightways, so worth it! Societal perceived pressures are not making it any easier, that’s for sure. Accomplishments, wealth, beauty, success, and fame are not only all around us, but plated up and in our face on a daily….nay, hourly basis. It’s so easy not to feel like you measure up and as a result, focus on the what. 

For as long as I can remember, I wanted to be a movie star. Not an actress but a movie star. To me, this represented glamour, lights, cameras, fame. If you asked me I would say I wear a long sparkling red gown and I used to kiss my parents goodnight twisting my head back and forth, like a true Hollywood style kiss. 

As soon as I was able I was trying out for plays or hosting my own. Thank goodness I didn’t have youtube during my formative years. I’ve always had the gift of gab so I guess sales, was a natural step when the talent agents weren’t all fighting to sign me. I love presenting information and the art of negotiation. I’m extroverted and have been told more than once, politely persistent. I’ve been successful on my chosen career path but….that’s not WHO I am, that’s what I do. 

Professionally, I’m direct, aggressive, and will go to the mat defending my point of view but personally, I’m more agreeable, kind, flexible, and compassionate. I will always be outspoken but I don’t always share my feelings. Instead, I worry about how others feel and work to make sure everyone is comfortable and well-loved. 

Who am I? I would love to say a healthy mixture of both, at least that’s what I strive for. I would like the care and compassion to enter my professional life and assertiveness and strong voice to enter my personal life. 

We spend so much of our time trying to get somewhere. Get through school, get through college, get a good job, get married, get the family, get the better job, get to retirement, get out and see the world…...5, 10, 15-year plans. 

Now, I’m a goal setter don’t get me wrong. One of my most precious assets is my brainstorming and creativity. But I’ve learned something on this journey, too much focus on the future means you miss the present. It’s important to have something to shoot for and something to look forward to but never lose touch with where you are. There are great things happening right now, right where you are and if you only set your sights on the future, you may miss them. 

Just like you are outwardly growing your personal and professional life, you are internally growing yourself. Don’t lose sight of the trifecta because they all matter.

CHALLENGE: Look in the mirror with a different focus. Instead of noticing all that is wrong, take a special interest in all that is right and worth exploring to deepen and strengthen who you were meant to be. WHO you are will always return the brightest reflection. 


I Know YOU Can Do It!


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