Initiating a Mood Makeover, Drop or Adopt a New Attitude

June 28, 2022


On this show…we are dropping the negativity, the fear, and the anger as we adopt a kinder approach to ourselves and others. We are seeking the good, the possible, and even the impossible as we initiate a radical mood makeover. Tired of feeling frustrated, irritated, and helpless? Most of us are. Yet day after day we visit and revisit these feelings, staying stuck without a real plan forward. Unlike Cinderella, there is no Fairy Godmother standing ready to transform our lives or our attitudes with a wave of her wand. We have to dry our eyes, calm our nerves, and cool our jets to see what we’re actually working with. You can’t strive for better if you aren’t sure where you’re falling short. And wallowing in our melancholy mood is getting us nowhere. So, let’s start there. What are your mind and body telling you and where might you be missing the message? 

Your body might be saying, “Hey you, I’m tired and I need a little more rest to perform at the level at which you are pushing our life’s pace.” But outside influences say - there is plenty of time to rest when you’re dead. Your mind might be saying, “Ouch, I’m getting bogged down with all this conflicting information and super anxious bu the tone!” But outside influences tell you - you HAVE to stay informed or you can’t get involved. It’s up to you to fix it! 

As a result of this constant struggle, you feel behind and anxious about catching up. Wonder where your bad mood comes from? I’m not sure but it sounds like we’re on the right track. And if you don’t know, should you look for the answers? Let me remind you, no one is going to do it for you. There isn’t a happy clown to visit when you feel blue or a water boy to ice you down when you’re angry, and if there was a warm hug at ready when you’re having a bad day - I would know about it! Did I mention the journey to self-discovery is essentially a solo mission? Oh sure, you have plenty of help along the way but it takes your foot on the gas to continue forward. 

So I want to know more about these moods, where they come from, and what can I do to get to the source of the irritant, overcome it, and get back on my journey. It’s hard to expect peak performance when you have sludge in your engine, right?

Mamta Sharma gets us started with an Instant Mood Makeover – How to Change Mental State in Under 5 Minutes

The Better Health Channel gives us more ideas on Monitoring your mood.

Dr. Maria Cohut from Medical News Today asks and solves;  Anxious about the news? Our top tips on how to cope

Dr. Ellen Hendriksen shares How to Stop Feeling Overly Responsible from quickanddrydirtytips.com

Korin Miller helps with 13 Strategies Therapists Personally Use To Put Things in Perspective found at wellandgood.com

CHALLENGE: initiate a mood makeover today by dropping the negative and self-defeating attitude you’ve embraced and adopting the exciting world of possibilities you have at your fingertips. Left or right, you choose!


I Know YOU Can Do It!

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